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We call each other to talk about the next rehearsal phase: What do we rehearse? How do we rehearse?

Soon we talk about everything but planning. We feel guilty! We say: Stop! We should be serious now!

We start to develop an idea for the next project: As usual, unrealistic, totally bombastic, maybe too much! Full of enthusiasm, we plan a project that could last a year! So we plan a project that requires a writer, a dancer, 2 musicians (at least), a director, cameramen, a location, special instruments, etc.... Soon we realise that we are not really writers, probably not directors either and we don't even want to talk about dancing (although Julia can dance well!). After planning several such projects, we think that maybe all in all it's not as unrealistic as we think!

Maybe we just need a platform that makes it possible and maybe we can gather people around us who think the same way.

Despite our occasional doubts about our adventurous ideas we are convinced that the arts influence each other. Perhaps it also comes from the fact that we both constantly draw inspiration from literature, from movies, from philosophy and history. We feel connected through this - to each other, to other people and their beautiful, absurd, interesting and confusing thoughts. This platform is an attempt to bring this connection to the outside world!

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